Welcome to the NR2 Mutual Aid WhatsApp Group

Please only join if you live in NR2 or you need to help someone who lives in NR2.

Join the NR2 Mutual Aid WhatsApp Group

Or if you do not have access to WhatsApp, you can leave a message on 07375 965908 and a volunteer will get back to you

Aims of the group

Using the group

Always remember - this is a large group and nobody here is police checked or verified in any way. We are just an informal group of neighbours helping each other out!

Please only use this group to share important information, request assistance or update the group on your support activities

If you are making arrangements or want to discuss an issue with another group member please message them privately. Try to keep general chat to a minimum so important requests do not get missed. Never share your own or others private address or personal details with the main group.

If you have any concerns or questions please message asking for admin to contact you and we will message you privately. ***Please note this an informal voluntary group; do not expect immediate response!***

To ask for help (for yourself or someone else)

please post what is needed and a rough idea of the location. Do not share private details. Ask people to respond to you with a private message if they can help. Update the group once the request has been met.

To respond to a message

press and hold the message and then use the three little dots at the top right to select ‘reply privately’

To offer your help to others - please post with specifics of what you are able to help with and a rough idea of your location. Ask other members to send you a private message if they want to respond.